Criminal Records

CrimeNet offers access to an unparalleled database of Australian records. Our team of researchers collate findings from every court, tribunal, and regulatory body, across every Australian jurisdiction. Our database is perfect for pre-employment screening, background checks, executive dilligence, candidate vetting, compliance risk management, and independent research. Search our extensive database for:

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CrimeNet is new & improved

CrimeNet doesn't just have a new look - we've also added over 3,000,000 additional records to our database. We now offer greater pricing flexibility, and you can even check if a name appears in our database before you pay!

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Professional Misconduct

CrimeNet includes a trove of misconduct findings made by Australian professional standards bodies. While findings against lawyers, doctors, accountants, bankers, and other professionals aren't criminal convictions, they are relevant to employment screening, background checks, and choosing who to work with.

Criminal Records

The core of CrimeNet's database is an aggregation of Australian criminal records, that can't be found anywhere else on the web. Our staff meticulously research and verify both the most recent convictions, and court cases dating back decades.

Court Appearances

In addition to criminal records and professional misconduct findings, CrimeNet includes court appearances in our database. While appearing in court does not imply guilt, this information can inform further research. Our easy to search database brings everything into one place, and removes the need to trawl through old court listings.


CrimeNet has been in operation for over two decades, and we constantly update our database. We currently index over 3,000,000 records, and our database is growing every day. Unlike competitors, our criminal records are meticulously verified by a team of researchers, ensuring our database contains only the highest quality information.

You can trust us when it comes to protecting your business. Search our database as part of your employee screening process, and reduce the risk of fraud and compliance issues.




Unlike other background check providers, we don't require any form filling or 48 hour waiting periods, and we don't notify the target of a search. When you use our database, you'll get the result instantly, and privately.

Conducting an initial search of our database is free, meaning you only pay for the records you actually view. For higher volume clients, we offer subscription packages to keep costs low.

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