Sophisticated meth lab run by prison inmate

A sophisticated drug lab has been discovered in southern Perth. A man, aged 37, is due to appear in court after drugs and firearms officers raided a home at Gunby Street, Maddington on February 12 2020.

Following the latest drug bust in the war against meth, WA Police are concerned meth production is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Drug-making equipment inside the property revealed a meth manufacturing set-up known as 'P2P' - popularised in the TV series Breaking Bad. Its precursor chemical is very hard to obtain, but the method produces far greater yields of meth than other production methods.

Illicit 'P2P' drug labs are widespread in the US and Mexico and other Australian states, but police are now worried it's coming to WA. Detectives believe it is being run from a Perth prison by a "high profile" inmate.

The 37-year-old Maddington man has been charged with attempting to manufacture a prohibited drug. Police guarded the property overnight and have contained the scene and investigations continue.