Cache of weapons dug up over link to alleged Gold Coast murder

A Gold Coast man who allegedly disposed of the gun used to kill Phillip Carlyle has been charged with new weapon offences, after a cache was found buried at a hunting property.

Detectives searching for the gun used in the cold case have uncovered at least 11 handguns, two automatic rifles and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition in two locations at the property, located 20 minutes from Stanthorpe.

Carlyle was shot four times in the head at his Robina office in 1997.

His business partner at the emerging IT company was charged with his murder, and John Hitchen, 66, was charged with disposing of the murder weapon, believed to be a .32 handgun.

Police are unsure if a .32 was among the guns found.

Police found the guns stashed in barrels, buckets and tubing, and believe that they were buried five to six years ago.

Detective Sergeant Rod Seaman said 'The particular thing about the murder of Mr Carlyle is the ammunition, the Norma-brand ammunition .32 calibre'.

'I can tell you now that some Norma ammunition was found in there, but it was not our .32'.

Hitchen has been granted bail in the Southport Magistrates Court, and the matter will be heard again in November 2017.