Policeman faces court accused of killing man during routine traffic stop

Timothy Baker, 46, is on trial for the murder of Vlado Micetic, who was allegedly shot three times at point blank range.

The court has been told the Victorian police officer planted a knife at the scene to make it look like he acted in self-defence.

The incident occurred during a routine traffic stop in Melbourne's south-east on August 25, 2013.

Baker, who was on patrol by himself in an unmarked car, pulled Micetic over for having stolen plates.

Micetic tried to resist arrest but was not violent or aggressive in any way.

Baker was accused of moving Micetic out of the way of a video camera on the dashboard of the police car before shooting him.

Baker said after the incident that Micetic had pulled a knife on him and he shot him in self defence, a claim Prosecutor Andrew Tinney SC described as 'nothing more than a sham'.

'This claim of self-defence... is a fabrication', he said.

Mr Tinney told the court Micetic was a troubled man with a psychiatric illness and numerous convictions, including for violence against police.

But he said Baker still had a responsibility to treat him lawfully.

'Because he was a policeman, that didn't mean he was outside the law', Tinney said.

The two men had never met each other before the night Micetic was shot.