Professional Misconduct

Gregory John Dunn

Address: Perth, WA, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Tax Consultant
Date: 28 February 2014


Gregory John Dunn was found guilty of tax fraud on 28 February 2014 at the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

The self-styled tax scheme designer can face up to 10 years' jail as the architect of a $7 million false interest scheme. That scheme was allegedly designed to protect a $50 million tax scheme involving trusts through which Mr Bartlett and Mr Sayers owned mining contractor Barminco.

Dunn was paid about $11.4 million by Bartlett and Sayers for his tax work and he had embarked on the fraudulent scheme to not only protect the $50 million scheme but protect his relationship with the businessmen.

But the former adviser to the wealthy mining contractors stands to get a cut in his tax fraud sentence after helping Victorian homicide detectives crack a notorious street killing case that took the life of Mr Mitchell.

It was revealed during a Supreme Court sentencing hearing that long-time Thailand resident Dunn could be a key witness in the trial of two Thai men extradited over the slaying of chef Luke Mitchell in Sydney Road, Brunswick.

After intervening to break up a fight in 2009, Mitchell was stabbed five times and kicked as he lay wounded.

Amid a public outcry over street violence, the chef's alleged killers fled to Thailand. One suspect is still on the run but another was extradited to Melbourne in July 2013. One other suspect was extradited on January 2014 to face murder charges.

Judge Eric Heenan sentenced the accused to 7 years imprisonment, with a minimum of 4 years.