Professional Misconduct

Alan Leslie Brown

Address: Lugarno, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Financial adviser
Date: 4 November 2011


Former Sydney financial adviser, Mr Alan Leslie Brown, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment with 21 months non-parole after pleading guilty to six charges brought by ASIC.

Mr Brown, of Lugarno, New South Wales, was sentenced in the Downing Centre District Court after pleading guilty on 10 May 2011 to one count of obtaining money by deception, one count of using a false instrument and four counts of dishonest conduct in relation to financial services. 

Mr Brown fraudulently withdrew funds between July 2002 and July 2008 totalling approximately $600,000 from five clients’ accounts without their knowledge or authority. 

Mr Brown also forged a client’s signature on a falsified withdrawal request to obtain funds from the client’s account for his own purposes. 

Mr Brown’s sentencing follows an ASIC investigation into his former role as a financial adviser. Mr Brown’s conduct was brought to ASIC’s attention by Bridges Financial Services Pty Ltd (for whom Mr Brown was an authorised representative between 7 June 2007 and 13 May 2008). Bridges Financial Services Pty Ltd assisted ASIC with its investigation into the allegations of misconduct made against Mr Brown.