Professional Misconduct

Lisa Scaffidi

Address: Perth, WA, Australia
Age: 61
Sex: Female
Occupation: Lord Mayor
Date: 9 May 2017


The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) has found that Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi committed 45 serious breaches of the Local Government Act by accepting gifts and travel, including a trip to the Beijing Olympics worth over $35,000 USD, funded by BHP Billiton.

Scaffidi says that there is 'no question' of her being dismissed, after the SAT ruled that she breached local government laws by not disclosing travel and accepting prohibited gifts.

Some of the travel and gifts were paid for by companies with financial considerations before the council.

She had previously admitted to five breaches, but denied wrongdoing in the other 40 instances.

Both the WA Premier and Opposition Leader have called on Cr Scaffidi to resign, but she has remained defiant.

'What has not been acceptable is the political interference and trial by media I have had to endure for nearly two years while continuing to perform my role', she said.

For much of the SAT hearing, Scaffidi pleaded ignorance about who was paying for the gifts and travel, but SAT president Justice Jeremy Curthoys rejected her defence.

The tribunal highlighted emails sent by Cr Scaffidi, in which she talked about letting the organisers of a South Korean coference know that she wanted to stay in a five-star hotel.

'I don't live in trash - don't stay in it', she wrote.

The SAT ruling follows a damning 2015 Corruption and Crime Commission report, which found that Scaffidi had 'failed in her duties'.