Professional Misconduct

Peter William Stewart

Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Date: 25 November 2005


Dr Peter William Stewart was reprimanded on 25 November 2005 by a Medical Tribunal.

A complaint by the Health Care Complaints Commission, (“the Commission”,) stated that Dr Stewart was guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and/or professional misconduct.

The particulars of the complaint stated that:

1) Between December 1998 to November 2000 he prescribed anabolic/androgenic steroids to patients listed in schedules A to W, that the quantities prescribed were excessive or not for purposes in accordance with recognised therapeutic standards, contrary to clause 36 of the Poisons & Therapeutic Goods Regulation 1994, and without exercising responsible medical judgment;

2) it is said that for the patients who were listed there he failed to arrange for them to undergo proper tests to monitor testosterone levels and/or liver function prior to or after starting treatment;

3) that he prescribed Temazepam for a period in excess of the recognised therapeutic standards and without exercising medical judgment;

4) that between July 1999 and November 2001 he prescribed Phentermine or Duromine to patients A, G and T in inappropriate quantities and without exercising medical judgement;

5) that he prescribed Cytadren without proper or clinical indications contrary to or not in accordance with recognised standards and without exercising responsible medial judgement;

6) that he prescribed tamoxifen, a drug for the treatment of breast cancer, thyroxine (also known as Oroxine) and methoxsalen, a drug for the treatment of vitiligo, to patient T without proper and sufficient clinical indications and purposes, not in accordance with recognised standards and without exercising responsible medical judgment;

7) that he prescribed Insulin without proper indications; and

8) that he failed to keep proper records for patients A to W in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulations.

The findings and orders of the Tribunal were:

1.The Tribunal finds proved all particulars save for 3 in the amended complaint

2.The Tribunal is satisfied Dr Stewart is guilty of professional misconduct

3.Dr Stewart is reprimanded

4.Dr Stewart is fined $10,000. That sum is to be paid to the Medical Board of NSW by 24/1/06     

5.The Tribunal directs that if Dr Stewart practices after 24/1/06 his registration be subject to the following conditions:

(a)work only when there is another medical practitioner on site

(b)not undertake any solo general practice work;

(c)not prescribe, possess or administer any

(i)anabolic steroid

(ii)androgenic steroid

6.Dr Stewart is to pay the HCCC’s costs 7.The Tribunal directs that the Medical Board has the power to vary any of the conditions in order 5.