Professional Misconduct

Jean Michel Mazaleigue

Address: NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Psychologist
Date: 20 August 2009


The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission recently prosecuted two complaints against Jean Michel Mazaleigue before the Psychologists Tribunal of NSW. The complaints related to Mr Mazaleigue failing to maintain appropriate professional boundaries with a female client contrary to the Code of Conduct of the NSW Board of Psychologists.

The matter had been heard by another Psychologists Tribunal earlier, which had ordered Mr Mazaleigue be reprimanded and suspended. The earlier Tribunal based its decision on the assumption that the relationship between the psychologist and his client was not therapeutic. However, the Health Care Complaints Commission applied to the Supreme Court to quash this decision, as the assumption was made without proper notification to the parties and thus procedural fairness was denied.

The Supreme Court accepted the Commission’s view and referred the matter back to a new Tribunal.

In its decision of 20 August 2009, the second Tribunal found Mr Mazaleigue guilty of professional misconduct and cancelled his registration as a psychologist in NSW for a minimum period of three years and four months. Mr Mazaleigue was also prohibited from providing any form of counselling during this period.