Professional Misconduct

Nikola Halvajieff

Address: NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Medical other
Date: 23 December 2009


The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission has finalised its investigation into the conduct of Mr Nikola Halvajieff and has issued the following public statement pursuant to 41A(2)(b) of the Health Care Complaints Act 1993:

Mr Nikola Halvajieff prohibited from practising dentistry

On 19 October 2009 the Health Care Complaints Commission commenced an investigation into Mr Nikola Halvajieff, a dental prosthetist and dental technician practicing at 7 Bestic Street, Rockdale, NSW. The Commission received information that Mr Halvajieff was performing dental work on patients outside of the scope of practice of his registration as a dental prosthetist and dental technician. The complaints were received from two patients on whom Mr Halvajieff performed dental work.

The Commission’s investigation established that Mr Halvajieff had been performing dental procedures on patients when he was not qualified or registered to practice dentistry in NSW. The Commission was also satisfied that he had been administering Schedule 4 drugs to patients and performing X-rays on patients without authority to do so.

The Commission has decided to issue the following prohibition order to Mr Halvajieff:

Effective immediately upon receipt of this notice:

  • Mr Halvajieff must not perform dental procedures on any patients including but not limited to any restorations, crowns, fillings, extractions or surgical procedures in or around the mouth.

  • Any patients who request that he perform dental procedures on them must be referred to an appropriately qualified dentist.

  • Mr Halvajieff must not perform any X-rays on any patients or administer Schedule 4 drugs to patients. He is not to procure Schedule 4 drugs from any supplier for the purpose of administering these drugs to patients.

Within 21 days of receipt of this notice:

  • Mr Halvajieff must remove all signage from the exterior of 7 Bestic Street Rockdale, or any other premises where he practices alone as a dental prosthetist or dental technician which indicate that dental procedures are available within the premises. This includes any signage that indicates that the late Dr Boris Nikoloff Halvajieff may practice at the premises.

Mr Halvajieff remains a registered dental prosthetist and dental technician. The Commission has referred Mr Halvajieff to the Dental Technician Registration Board in relation to his conduct as a dental prosthetist and technician.