Professional Misconduct

Justin Paul Peatling

Address: NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Chiropractor
Date: 21 January 2010


The Health Care Complaints Commission recently prosecuted two complaints against Mr Justin Paul Peatling before the Chiropractors Tribunal of NSW. The complaints related to Mr Peatling’s treatment of a female employee. 
Mr Peatling touched the patient in her genital area when the accepted technique was to ask the patient to apply traction in that area themself. The Tribunal found Mr Peatling failed to fully explain the nature of the treatment to the patient, and did not offer her the option of having a third party present.

Mr Peatling admitted that he had touched the patient’s genital area and that such conduct was unsatisfactory professional conduct.

In its decision of 21 January 2010, the Tribunal found Mr Peatling guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct. The Tribunal reprimanded him and imposed a number of conditions on his practice, including that he:

  • nominate a mentor with appropriate knowledge of applied kinesiology for the approval by the Chiropractors Board

  • be mentored for a minimum period of two years

  • complete a course on ethics approved by the Board

  • advise employers and professional partners of these conditions

  • not perform any procedure that involved touching a patient in their genital area.