Professional Misconduct

Paul Eather

Address: NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Chiropractor
Date: 12 August 2011


The Health Care Complaints Commission prosecuted a complaint against a chiropractor, Mr Paul Eather, before the Chiropractors Tribunal. The Commission’s prosecution related to Mr Eather’s inappropriate sexual conduct towards four patients.

The prosecution arose out of the Commission’s investigation of a complaint from a patient alleging indecent sexual behaviour during a consultation session with Mr Eather. During the course of the investigation the Commission discovered evidence of other inappropriate sexual conduct.

In a statement to the Tribunal, Mr Eather admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with two patients. During the course of the prosecution he voluntarily removed his name from the register of practitioners

In its decision of 12 August 2011 the Tribunal noted that the predatory conduct of the Respondent towards vulnerable patients and employees over a significant period of time contributes to the Tribunal’s view that the Respondent should not be allowed access to patients in any health service capacity until he has made significant progress with respect to remedying the defects identified in this Reasons document. In a general sense the Respondent’s conduct demonstrated he had scant regard for the professional boundaries appropriate for health care practitioners.

The Tribunal found Mr Eather guilty of professional misconduct. Given that Mr Eather had already removed his name from the register of practitioners, the Tribunal disqualified him from applying for re-registration as a chiropractor for three years.

The Tribunal also prohibited Mr Eather from providing any health service involving the physical examination, physical treatment and/or provision of counselling services for a period of three years. Mr Eather is only permitted to provide these services on the condition that he gains registration as a health practitioner.