Professional Misconduct

Shashank Verma

Address: Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Medical other
Date: 24 December 2013


The Health Care Complaints Commission prosecuted Mr Shashank Verma before the Physiotherapists Tribunal. The prosecution related to Mr Verma’s development of a personal and financial relationship with a patient.

The Tribunal found that Mr Verma failed to maintain proper professional boundaries by:

  • accepting certain deposits of money made by the patient to Mr Verma which were not connected to the provision of physiotherapy services

  • accepting the grant of enduring guardian and power of attorney for the patient. 

On 23 December 2013, the Tribunal found unsatisfactory professional conduct proven, reprimanded Mr Verma and placed a number of conditions upon his registration, including that he:

  • undertake an ethics course

  • meet with a professional mentor monthly for at least 18 months

  • not assess, examine, consult or treat any persons over the age of 70 years until he has completed the ethics course and until his mentorship has been operating for at least 12 months.