Professional Misconduct

Yolande Lucire

Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Date: 24 August 2010


Dr Yolande Lucire was reprimanded on 24 August 2010 by a Medical Tribunal.

The Tribunal conducted a hearing in relation to a complaint against the practitioner, Yolande Lucire, in respect of claimed treatment of a patient referred to as Patient A in a period said to be between November 2006 and 5 July 2007. The complaint alleges that the respondent practitioner has been guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and/or professional misconduct in relation to Patient A.

In the letter of 14 November 2006, the respondent practitioner stated that she first saw Patient A out of her rooms as an emergency. It is further stated that the patient was having a severe adverse reaction to the medication she was receiving at the hospital. The letter further stated that Patient A, as at that time, remained psychotic and that she had a religious mania which was somewhat chronic and which could be schizophrenic.

In the letter, it is stated that the practitioner's clinical opinion was that the patient refused to answer what was in her mind and paces and that she was akathisic. Tribunal members advised that such a condition would be consistent with the symptoms noted by the practitioner and referred to in her notes. It was the opinion of the practitioner, as at that time, that increasing depression and psychosis and akathisia were all side effects of the drugs she was receiving. The practitioner also stated that she was of the opinion that Patient A needed to be constrained until the adverse effects of the medication wore off.

The orders of the Tribunal were;

1)  Pursuant to s61(1)(c) of the Medical Practice Act 1992, the following conditions are imposed on the respondent's registration:-

a)  The practitioner's practice as a medical practitioner is restricted to providing medico-legal reports.

b)  The practitioner is not to be permitted to treat, manage or advise patients.

c)   The respondent to authorise Medicare Australia within twenty-eight (28) days hereof to provide any information in its possession concerning the practitioner where such information is sought by the Medical Council of NSW (as successor to the NSW Medical Board) for monitoring.

2)  The practitioner to pay the complainant's costs as agreed or assessed.