Professional Misconduct

John Balafas

Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Date: 18 June 2010


Dr John Balafas was reprimanded on 18 June 2010 by a Medical Tribunal.

The Health Care Complaints Commission asserts that Dr Balafas has been guilty of:

1. Unsatisfactory professional conduct; and

2. Professional misconduct because he has contravened conditions to which his registration was subject and engaged in improper and unethical conduct relating to the practice of medicine, It seeks an Order that he be deregistered and not permitted to apply for re-registration for three years.

The Complaint arises out of Dr Balafas' addiction to Pethidine, which started in March 2004. He continued using Pethidine over the next year. The Pharmaceutical Services Branch discovered irregularities in his prescribing in April 2005.

The orders of the Tribunal were;

1. That the Respondent be deregistered.

2. An Application for Review of Order 1 may not be made before two years has elapsed from the making of this Order.

3. Dr Balafas to pay the costs of the proceedings of the Health Care Complaints Commission,