Professional Misconduct

Rhonda Cheryl Gubanyi

Address: WA, Australia
Sex: Female
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Date: 1 November 2006


The State Administrative Tribunal agreed for a proper cause for disciplinary action against Rhonda Cheryl Gubanyi. 

On 21 March 2002, Guabnyi withdrew $20,000 of settlement money from her trust account.

Gubanyi failed to recommend to her client when it was necessary or prudent to do so, that he seek the advice of a solicitor in relation to his obligations under the special conditions of a contract and/ or the potential consequences of non-compliance with those special conditions.

Gubanyi paid $20,000 of money withdrawn from her trust account to Lloyd Kenneth Douglas, who at that time was not a person lawfully entitled or authorised to receive such money.

Gubanyi failed to ascertain and communicate to her client when it was necessary or prudent to do so, all available pertinent facts concerning a transaction in that she failed to:
(a) ascertain whether or not the purchaser authorised the release of money held in her trust account to the client
(b) communicate to the client that authorisation from the purchaser was required before money held in her trust account could be released to the client

Gubanyi was ordered to pay $5,000 in fines and $5,000 in costs.