Professional Misconduct

Memet Demiroski

Address: WA, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Date: 3 August 2010


The State Administrative Tribunal agreed for a proper cause for disciplinary action against Memet Demiroski.

On 2 December 2008 Demiroski was convicted on his own confession of an offence that between 1 March 2007 and 22 June 2007 he, with intent to defraud by deceit or fraudulent means obtained the sum of $75,000 from the buyer of a West Perth business.

By way of background, in January 2007 Demiroski listed the business for sale and entered into a contract to sell it with the buyer on 30 April 2007.  The agreement expressly provided that the plant and equipment was freehold when they were in fact under lease.

For some months up until the sale of the business Demiroski directed an employee to inflate the daily takings by the recording of fictitious sales and provided to the buyer prior to settlement sanitised financial documentation reflecting a completely false position as to the business profitability. 

Demiroski was first granted a certificate of registration as a real estate sales representative on 15 August 2007.

Demiroski's registration was cancelled and was ordered to pay $1,000 in costs.