Professional Misconduct

Colin Bertram

Address: WA, Australia
Sex: Male
Occupation: Chiropractor
Date: 7 September 2010


The State Administrative Tribunal convicted Colin Bertram of improper conduct.

Bertram was a registered as a chiropractor under the Chiropractors Act 2005.

In the course of his practice as a chiropractor, Bertram provided chiropractic treatment to the patient in November and December 2007.

During the patient's appointment with Bertram on 4 December 2007, Bertram undertook trigger point therapy (or therapy of that type) to areas of the patient's upper back between her shoulders.

Bertram gave no adequate warning of, nor any explanation of the treatment he was about to commence on the patient.

During the course of the treatment, the patient alerted Bertram that the level of pain she was experiencing was unacceptable to her.

Bertram was ordered refund the patient and was ordered to pay $2,500 in costs.